Basics – John Shearer (Breakout) – Reflections and Resolutions – Ps. 71

Psalm 71 speaks of a man who recognizes that the clock never stops ticking.  So, the writer doesn’t want to be found squeaking out his existence in a rocking chair during his last years, but rather, he wants to be like Caleb that is saying, “give me this mountain.”

John Shearer, during this breakout session, give us Seven Resolutions to help us in our service as preachers of God’s Word.

1.  I will always take refuge in the Lord – vs. 1

2.  I will always hope in the Lord – vs. 5-6

3. I will always praise You Lord – vs. 6, 8, 14

4. I will always treasure Your presence – vs. 9-13

5. I will always tell of Your salvation to others – vs. 15-17

6. I will always declare Your power to the next generation – vs. 18

7. I will always wrap myself round with the promises of God – vs. 21ff

In listening to John Shearer I felt like I was hearing words of wisdom from an ordinary pastor.  I think that if I had the opportunity to sit under some men in this world John Shearer would be one I would like to learn from.  He has served the Lord for many years.  He has been faced with very difficult church situations and has endured the hardship that is part and parcel for the ministry and the above resolutions are all welcome messages to be preaching to yourself when you are facing struggle, difficulty and all sorts of trials in life, especially within the context of the ministry.

Here is a great quotes from this session:

“God’s Providence is My Inheritance” – written on the entrance of a puritan home in Chester, UK.


One thought on “Basics – John Shearer (Breakout) – Reflections and Resolutions – Ps. 71

  1. Jan Smith

    Hi Pastor Rod;

    Thank you for sharing this with us. it works for me, a non-pastor. It is a good reminder of where our focus should be on God, our Refuge, Hope and our Praise. We need to treasure that relationship.

    This is a good reminder for me as the past three months have been a struggle for my family with my Mom’s illness. I have been discouraged about her lack of progress, but I need to remember God is holding us in His Hands and He already knows the outcome.

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