Flapping on Thursday

Flap! “Ouch!”….Flap! “Ouch”!…Waddle, Waddle, Flap!  Can you imagine what it is like being an eagle living in a nest with other eagles who are getting ready to fly?  I think that there would be lots of bruises, lots of wings wanting to soar and lots of squawking, biting and clawing.  When it is time to pick yourself up, climb to the edge of the nest and jump it can be a difficult hurdle to cross.  But without it the soaring that you long for is unreachable.  Flapping, waddling and bruises are all part of what it takes to get there, but once you have jumped from the nest mom & dad may be nearby, but now you need to fly…awkwardly at first, but still you need to do the flying, and if you don’t…

Well, my Vanessa has been flapping her wings for about the last five years and I have the bruises to show it…bruises of love, understanding and a dependence on my sovereign God.  Tomorrow Elia and I take her to Simpson University in Redding, CA, where she can flap all she wants.

It is a parents hope that their children will leave the nest and put into practice all the things that they taught both by word and example.  When the eagle leaves the nest we want them to soar.  That takes some getting used to, though, and it is hard for the parents to watch.  They want to see the wings outstretched and held up by the current of God’s purposes and direction for the life of their son/daughter…

Now, I am not a perfect parent, or even close to being a candidate for “parent of the year.”  But I do know that God has used my wife and I in both good times and bad to shape and fashion our daughter…and now it is time to take her to the edge of the nest and say “jump”, and with a friendly and loving foot in the hinder parts encourage her to fly.

Vanessa, as your parents…

we want to remind you that the most important person in your life is not your daddy or your cat.  It is, of course, the Creator of the universe, the Only Wise God, the Everlasting Father, the Great Shepherd, the head of the Church, the Lamb of God, the Great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Messiah.  If there is one thing that we want you to be sure of it is that He is the King of Kings and that as the Ruler and Lord of His universe, that before you were created He had your life already planned out.  Glorifying Him and serving Him with all you are is the primary purpose for your existence.  Seek to know Him better.  Learn to love Him more.  Pursue His will for His glory.

Your soul is the only thing we can take to heaven with us, so guard your heart from falsehood, allow the Word of God to fashion and shape your inner man, and give the Holy Spirit freedom to teach, guide and convict your heart for He is your greatest friend and counselor who, as the paraklete, is truly walking along side of you.

We are both extremely proud of you and want you  to soar in your life, for His glory.  The nest will always be here for “visits” and our hearts are always available to cry on, to seek advice from and to trust.  May God give you strength, wisdom and grace as you pursue this next phase of your life.

And so the flapping begins…a waddle here and there…a squwalk…a waddle and flap, flap, flap………and you are soaring….

Have fun, enjoy the wind under your wings, the beauty of the countryside and the freedom that comes with responsibility.

We love you…very much!!!  You will be missed…especially by Kitty :0)

Mom & Dad


3 thoughts on “Flapping on Thursday

  1. Michael Ruybalid

    I hear Simpson U. is a great university. May the Lord bless and keep Vanessa as she steps into this next chapter in her life. Please give her my best.

  2. Ed and Lauren

    We will miss Vanessa’s loving but firm touch with the little angels this fall. I hope she stops by to hug her 16+ fans when she’s in town. Love you, Vanessa!

    Ed and Lauren

  3. Tia Selina

    Love my girl Vanessa,

    Good job Mom and Dad! Thank you Jesus for opening the door and allowing her to have this amazing opportunity!

    Love you Mija!

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