Bring Out The Book!

You may have heard about the college student at church that sat next to a really good looking college girl and was very attracted to both her beauty and her attentiveness to the sermon.  So, looking to begin a conversation he glanced over and cleverly read her name on her leather bound Bible.  Confidently, he said to her, “Hi Winona, my name is Bill, how long have you been attending this church?”  She just looked at him as if he was the weirdest person on the planet and said, “Why did you call me Winona?”  Surprised that he has made a mistake and a little embarrassed he said, “Well, I saw the name on your Bible and assumed that it was yours – So, is Winona Cowhide your mother?”

If you are like me, you have a lot of Bibles.  I have a ton of them and they all speak of various era’s of my life and my walk with God.  I have…

  • My old KJV Cambridge Wide Margin that I used in college.
  • My old KJV Ryrie Study Bible that I used primarily through my Youth Ministry in Buffalo, NY.
  • My NIV Study Bible – well worn and a little dirty from youth & singles ministry.
  • My grandfather’s well marked and well worn Thompson Chain Reference Bible – given to me while I was in college.
  • My leather bound NKJV MacArthur Study Bible – pretty well worn (The non-pedo baptist version)
  • My hardback NASB MacArthur Study Bible – On my shelf at home.  Used for Family devo’s and quick brainstorms.
  • My leather bound NASB preaching Bible – the bible that I have used for years to preach with & from that has the names of all the men I have taught in Russia in the back & front.
  • My new Hardback ESV Study Bible – give to me at the 2010 Together for the Gospel Conference – one could build a house with this bible as it is stronger than a brick.
  • My new ESV wide margin preaching Bible – what I am presently using in the pulpit and to read through using the Grant Horner system.  A lovely True-Tone finish.
  • My new ESV Blue True-Tone signed MacArthur Study Bible – given to me a while back by The Master’s College at Northcreek’s last conference.
  • My massive KJV Authorized Version Bible published and printed in 1845 which sits in the entrance of our home.  Yes, when you open the door at my house you are immediately confronted with God’s Word and a mirror – Funny thing is, I’ve never really thought about the symbolism of that till now…
  • And a few more – Amplified, Chriswell, Septuagint, Greek, Pocket, etc., etc.

Now also, I have to be honest and tell you that I am very particular about my present bible.  I usually keep it in the “box” it came with as I want to preserve it for as long as possible.  I only mark it with a green “Pigma-Micron” pen and usually very carefully I might add.  So, I’m weird – it took you long enough to figure it out – but I can’t help but love the Bible’s that I have.  I love God’s Word and have given my life to the study and proclamation of all that it says.  It is what God has called me to and I love every moment that I am engaged in it.

But could you imagine what it would be like if the Bible wasn’t written in the English language.  Could you imagine what it would be like to have to wait and wait and wait to have bits and pieces of it translated…

Well, that’s just what has happened to a group of people in New Guinea…watch and enjoy, and be thankful for what you  have on your shelf.

  • As the people said to Nehemiah, “Bring out the book!”

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