Press On Rocky

Yesterday I saw a squirrel run out across the road and into the open oncoming lane.  I was amazed at how it go through the heavy traffic on my side of the street and in my heart I  encouraged it to keep on going and finish the job of crossing the street.  But then, suddenly, it stopped, panicked, turned around  and headed under the car in front of me where it met a fender and a wheel and was left twitching (before I and a number of others ruthlessly finished the job).

Now, for some reason “Squeek”  or has been on my mind and I am wondering to myself, “What was going through his (assumption here) mind before, during and after he reached the safety of the other side?”, “Why did he stop when he was free and clear?”, “What was it that made him turn around and run back into the thick traffic?” and, of course, “What is it that God is trying to teach me from the  little Rocky lookalike?”  Well, here are a few thoughts that come to mind as to why we freeze…

Ignorance – I don’t think Rocky completely understood what all those big funny looking and moving things were.  The size, the noise, the speed and so  many of them should have at least alerted him to the dangers.  Similarly God yells into our lives, but we often are not paying attention or wanting any guidance or warning on the decisions before us.  So, although there are tools and resources at our disposal we end up being ignorant primarily because we haven’t valued what God has said.

Indecision – Indecision is riddled with fear.  We wonder if the decision we are making is the right thing.  Wonder what other people are thinking or will think because of the decision we have made.  We fear that in making this decision we will somehow miss out on something better, so we just freeze and make no decision.  It seems to be safer.  I know someone personally who waits for the perfect buy and then after waiting is consumed with looking to see “if” it was indeed the perfect buy after all and so can’t enjoy the item purchased.

Invincibility – I am sure that Rocky has crossed the road many times before and hasn’t suffered at all.  Hey, we can get pretty arrogant and complacent too.  Just because lightning didn’t strike last time doesn’t mean it won’t strike again.  We sin, and apparently nothing happens – no discipline, no consequence, no exposure – so we press on rather than look at all the dangers around us.  It is almost as if we believe we are invincible.

Idiocy – There, I said it.  Rocky was just an idiot squirrel.  Sadly, we can also be idiot believers.  We know what God says, we have clear warning, we have experience, we have other people’s tragedies, etc., etc.  Yet we are agnostic and press on in our foolishness to do what we want regardless (Fool would be the Biblical equivalent of idiot, I think).

We often respond to these squirrel moments by saying compassionately to our friend or love one, “What were you thinking!!!!?”  And the reality is, they were thinking about a lot of things.  Battles were raging and a decision was made based on the strength of the will to either listen to our God or to follow our flesh.

Let me encourage you to squeak with a little Godly Wisdom and stay the course…unlike Squeaky Rocky.


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