Saturday in Ufa

Dear Friends…

We are finally in Ufa and can now communicate via e-mail, although not as well as we have been able to in the past.  I am limited to time and how many bytes I can upload/download, so please bear with me as I don’t think I can share pictures at this moment.

So, we arrived safely.  Our flights were all smooth and we were able to spread out i.e. each have an isle or window seat with an empty middle seat.  That makes such a difference.  We were met at the airport by Arkady and his lovely wife Goulia.  Arkady is Piotr Zhuck’s secretary and takes care of lots of details.  Goulia, his wife, is doting on us, making sure we are fed and have all that we need.  We are not staying at the office, but at Piotr Zhuk’s brother’s house.  Pavel’s house is part of the office building and we have two rooms to ourselves and we are very comfortable.

We have had plenty of time to rest and get acclimated but we did meet with Piotr today at 1 p.m. to discuss the details of the week.  We praise the Lord that Piotr is allowing me to visit and preach in Surgei Interasov’s church (First Baptist Church of Ufa) on Sunday afternoon, but I will be speaking in the main church on Sunday Morning while Bud Haskell will be speaking at Grace Baptist Church in the a.m. and Trinity Church in the p.m.

On Monday at 11 a.m. we will begin to meet with the Baptist Union Men and we have full freedom to share whatever God has for us.  We will end our meetings with them on Wednesday at 1 p.m.  On Thursday we will be meeting with the other group all day and we anticipate a good opportunity for ministry.

So, we are very encouraged that Piotr is trusting us and is willing to give us some freedoms.

I miss you all very much and knowing that you are praying is so helpful.  Please pray for my sermon and ministry preparations that we need to finalize.

God bless,



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