O, Genry!

Today’s update will be rather brief as I am pressed for time to be ready to leave for a trip to Koumertou and Ishembay, which is just outside of Salavat in the Russian Oblast of Bashkortostan.  Genry and I (yes, you read that right…it is no longer Henry, but Genry from now on) will be heading south to both those cities to visit with two churches and pastors, Velodia and Sergei.  Bud, however, will be visiting Oktyabr’skiy to visit with Ivan.

Yesterday was a day full of food.  We had our always anticipated and always celebrated visit in the home of “Mama Usmanova” as we like to call her, but she is the mother of our former interpreter, Emiliya and her sister Indira.  Now, everyone has been gracious in their edible hospitality, but Mama Usmanova is so gracious and expresses her love to us through her food.  And, of course, we feel vary loved!  Salad, soup, Lasagna, dessert and an icy drink to finish things off sums up a great time of laughter and fellowship.  Oh how I want to go back!

After our time with Gouzel (aka. Mama Usmanova) we visited with Misha and his family.  It is interesting that when we have met with families they always want to ask questions about the discipline and raising of children.  Then they pull out Ted Tripp’s book, Shepherding a Child’s Heart, and say, “we never knew what we were doing until we read this book.”  It was fun to share ideas and to reinforce biblical principles with them.  They have a beautiful family too.

In the evening, after some shopping in town, we met with the brothers until about 11:30 p.m. It was a great time of fellowship, food and the asking of difficult questions.  We praise God that there was an openness and humility on their part and they listened to us.  I am sure that it was difficult for them, but it was necessary.  They are a good group of brothers.

I am tired and lacking in sleep and am looking at the possibility of not having internet for a couple of days, so if you don’t hear from me you understand why.

God bless,



One thought on “O, Genry!

  1. Sarah

    Hi Rod,
    I just wanted to let you know I’ve been thinking about you and praying for you lately. Give my love to Elia.

    Sarah (Haile) Russo

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