Russian Look-a-likes…

Well, in the four times I have been to Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia, I have met some great people, some funny people and some not so nice ones.  Be the people you see in this post are good friends whom I love in person and in the faith and who also enjoy my humor…so, here goes, with absolutely no malice intended.  Drum roll please….

Mark SlobyodanMark Slobyodan – Mark is a fine young man who plays he guitar well, leads worship at his church and serves as our interpreter every once in a while…  His parents, Victor and Natalia Slobyodan oversee the Children’s Ministries in Bashkortostan which includes the summer camps, Immanuel’s Child, Orphans Reborn and the Street Kids Ministry out of the Good News Church.

click here to see his look-a-like.

Sergei Loshak – Surgei is a pastor at the House of Prayer in Ishembey!!!  Although he started the church in Salavat which now has a beautiful building and is a strong ministry, Surgei has been hard at work in a the nearby city of Ishembay.  Surgei has a wife and six children: Four boys, one with special needs (blind and cannot speak), and two beautiful girls.  They are a lively but fun bunch.  God has blessed them recently with a new home.

click here to see his look-a-like.

Marat – Sorry, but I don’t know his last name.  He is simply Marat and heads up all youth ministries in Bashkiria, and was our trusted driver this past weekend.  He has a brand new…o.k. two year old Lada that he bought brand new for &5000.  After two years, he is thinking about buying again, but something that might last alittle longer…

Click here to see his look-a-like.

Now these are just some of the friends who have helped us in ministry here in Ufa, Bashkortostan.  They are good brothers and can take a joke and give it back in an instant.

God has been good to work through these men in different ways on this trip…

I am sure that they are coming up with their own look-a-likes for me…


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