The 2011 Gospel Coalition Conference

The 2011 Gospel Coalition Conference kicked off today with a great message from Dr. Albert Mohler.  One of the great benefits we have these days is the availability of “live streaming” and/or the possibility to download and hear the message on your ipod almost immediately (that is after they upload it.)  I would love to be present, but having a trip to Russia which God orchestrated was a priority.  So, I can sit back and benefit thanks to an effective usage of modern technology.

Why not join me…

Click here

Here is the lineup:

Tuesday, April 12th

  • Session 1: R. Albert Mohler, Jr.: “Studying the Scriptures and Finding Jesus” (John 5:31-47)
  • Session 2: Tim Keller: “Getting Out” (Exodus 14)
  • Session 3: Alistair Begg: “From a Foreigner to King Jesus” (Ruth)
  • Session 4: Panel Discussion: Preaching from the Old Testament
    Panel: Tim Keller, John Piper, Crawford Loritts, Don Carson, Bryan Chapell

Wednesday, April 13th

  • Session 5: James MacDonald: “Not According to Our Sins” (Psalm 25)
  • Session 6: Conrad Mbewe: “The Righteous Branch” (Jeremiah 23:1-8)
  • Session 7: Matt Chandler: “Youth” (Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:14)

Thursday, April 14th

  • Session 8: Mike Bullmore: “God’s Great Heart of Love Toward His Own” (Zephaniah)
  • Session 9: Don Carson: “Getting Excited about Melchizedek” (Psalm 110)

I hope that you will also take advantage of the great preaching and instruction going on in Chicago this week.


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