Camping on This…

There is a lot to say about a man who proposes to be a shepherd and a faithful teacher of God’s Word yet, himself, ignores it when it contradicts what he wants to say.  The simple answer to his delusional predictions is found in Matthew 24:36…

36 “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.  (Mt 24:36)

Now, for the purpose of edification and clarity I have collected a few blog articles that I think are helpful responses to the Harold Camping debacle.  And, may I say this.  This is just another reason why there is a huge need for Expository Preaching in our country, especially here in the Bay Area.

From Dan Phillips (no relation, but must be from good stock) at the Pyromaniacs blog and at his own:

Harold Camping, the True Gospel and Hedged Bets

Harold Camping Glorifies God: Seventeen Ways

Eric Landry from the Gospel Coalition writes…

The Pastoral Challenge and Opportunity When the Rapture Doesn’t Happen

From Reformaton 21 here is a message on The Folly of Setting Dates

The Folly of Setting Dates

Robert Godfrey, president of Westminster Seminary in CA has written a very sober accounting of Harold Camping’s theological demise.  You can either read the whole article as a pdf or in parts at his blog.

I was relatively young and in seminary when Harold Camping came out with his 88 Reasons Why the Lord is Coming in 1988.  I was horrified by his assertions then, as he sought to rebound by adding a miscalculation and am still horrified by how he has done so much damage to the body of Christ, especially in the Bay Area.  I personally people who have worked at Family Radio and have also been greatly troubled by his radical teachings of recent years.

May we learn all the lessons we can learn and do our best to wipe the egg off the face of Christianity because of such misguided teaching.  May we also learn the importance of sound hermeneutics and a faithful exposition of God’s Word.


One thought on “Camping on This…

  1. I have been fortunate to have Pastors that always remind us to study and compare what they say to the scriptures. I don’t know why people got so caught up in Camping’s message when it was so absolutly wrong. Jesus says , only the Father knows when He will return. We should always be ready, but setting dates no.

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