T4G 2012 – Why Am I Going?

Why would I want to leave my wife and family and travel for 9-11 hours from San Francisco through Washington, DC. and on to, of all places, Louisville, KY, for a pastors conference?

  • Am I a glutton for punishment? No
  • Is it that I have little respect for my family? No
  • Is it that I need a vacation from my labors as a Pastor? Well, the answer there might be “Yes”, but that is not why I am going.

I had planned on attending the 2008 Together for the Gospel Conference (T4G) with my staff, but at the last moment I was unable to attend.  I enjoyed the conference at a distance and truly appreciated the way that my staff were affected for God’s glory.  That conference also brought out new friendships and relationship here in the Bay Area, in particular with one of my dearest friends in the ministry, Sam Shin from Wellspring Church in Pleasanton, CA.

In 2010, after my resignation from the church I had served for over five years, I was blessed by many brothers and sisters who supported me financially and sent me to be strengthened, encouraged and for God to have his way with me during that season of ministry contemplation.  God used it greatly through the messages preached, the fellowship of Pastor friends whom I love and appreciate, all being vehicles through which God was shaping my heart for that difficult season in my life.  It was a time of sincere contemplation, affirming convictions that had brought a challenge to my previous ministry and a fresh consideration about what God was going to do in my life.

Now it is 2012 and I am planting a church in the East Bay.  I have been working hard for almost a year with faithful brothers and sisters in Christ and can see clearly how God has been at work in the ups and downs of ministerial life to bring me and many others to this wonderful place.  Now I look forward joining with others from my church family, Gateway Bible Church, and sitting under the men God has ordained to open the Word.

Here is just a taste of what is in store for us…

Just think “Muppets Meets Celebrity Squares”…

And then, of course there are Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, C. J. Mahaney & Albert Mohler, Jr.


One thought on “T4G 2012 – Why Am I Going?

  1. Sometimes I also find it hard convincing people why I have to suspend some things in order to attend some meetings. But after those encounters at the Lord’s feet, with God’s people, I have even more reason to press the pause button on life itself when the next opportunity comes.

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