Wise Counsel…

My books are still in boxes as our church, Gateway Bible Church, is a church plant and we have not graduated to the place where we have an office, although Panera and Starbucks suffice and are a great way to meet people.

Every once in a while I pull down a box and rummage around to see what I’ve got.  It is kind of like getting a package from Amazon.  You sort of know what is in the box, but since you placed your order you have forgotten and the anticipation of opening the box is exhilarating…

O.K. that may be an overstatement, but I enjoy the rummaging.  A few days ago I found a journal from two years ago and was very encouraged by what I wrote.  It gave me strength for God’s purposes then and has been a fresh reminder for what God is doing now.  I share them with you to give you confidence in God’s Grace and to be personally encouraged.

“Rod, get your hands off the wheel and let me drive! God”  (Actually sent to me from my good friend, Tigg Vanaman)

“Rod, resist self-pity, fight hard against disillusionment (especially at what I am doing), don’t listen to yourself, but speak my truth to your heart. God” (Actually that was sent to me from another good friend, Fred Froman)

“Rod, behind a present frowning providence He hides a smiling face. God” (Actually, that is from William Cowper, whom I have never met because he died over a hundred years ago…but was a great hymn writer.)

I kept these quotes before me every day and, along with God’s Word, meditated on the wise counsel they presented.

Good friends, God’s Word and wise counsel are a means of God’s grace during times of trial…

I hope that this help!


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