Dr. CJ Markalbiti DeChandleplatterpiper III

Yup, it is a mouthful, but from where I sit right now, one week after the Together for the Gospel (T4G) 2012 conference I am still wading through my thoughts, God’s guidance and the pastoral encouragements given to me by Dr. CJ Markalbiti DeChandleplatterpiper III.

When you spend a few days immersed in fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ, listening to powerful preaching from faithful expositors of God’s Word, praising God in simple but passionate worship and catching up with co-laborers from all over the country it is truly like drinking from a fire hose.  So, the aftermath settling of all of those factors, but in particular, the preaching of God’s Word is still actively at work in me.

Now, I went to the conference with every desire to blog every day and share some personal reflections, however, God convicted me that I just needed to listen, be fed and that the motives of my desire were tinged with pride.  So, I confessed my sin, sat back, listened and was glad for the relief and His ministry to my heart.  Then, almost as a confirmation, I received an e-mail alerting me to the fact that Justin Taylor had updated his blog.  I had just sat through the sixth General session with Kevin DeYoung and when I checked up to see what Justin Taylor had written I was warmly thankful because he had posted the notes from all the previous sessions including the one that had ended not ten minutes prior.  Thank you Justin Taylor!!

So, over the next few weeks I want to share with you some of my personal reflections on those messages preached by Dr. CJ Markalbiti DeChandleplatterpiper III.  I can honestly say that God brought an incredible cohesiveness to the conference through the theme of “The Underestimated Gospel”, the speakers, the times of singing, the testimonies and the conversation with my friends that followed.

You can listen to or watch the sermons here:

So, I want to encourage you to listen for yourself to one of the greatest speakers that I have had the privilege of listening to…

Dr. CJ Markalbiti DeChandleplatterpiper III


2 thoughts on “Dr. CJ Markalbiti DeChandleplatterpiper III

  1. Rebecca Blackburn

    OK. Now I got it. Great author, great speaker, great leader, great Pastor, etc., etc. I would looovvveee one day to just sit down and listen to what Dr.—–has to say. What a blessing!!!!

    1. Ron Costello

      Rebecca, I would encourage you to take more than a day to do this…lol
      Seriously though, I just listened to John Pipers message again on how God is MIGHTY to keep us…Jude 24 replace “able” with “mighty”…these messages are so encouraging!!!

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