Thank God For Good Listeners!

In preparation for my upcoming trip to Bolivia I am re-reading a book that had significant impact on me and my preaching about four years ago and I was reminded of this excellent nugget of wisdom:

PreacherBanner“The preacher is only half of the Church’s activity of proclamation…. The assumption seems to be that, whereas the preachier is really doing something, the people have a passive role, like so many jugs waiting to be filled…. Anyone who has regularly preached over many years but then has been a member of a congregation for some time, would (if he had strong views on preaching) be hard put to it to decide which was the more demanding, preaching well or listening properly.” (T.H.L. Parker, Calvin’s Preaching, p. 48)

With that in mind, I am truly thankful for the good listeners that I call God’s flock under my care.