The Pilgrim’s Progress

It was a spur of the moment thing.  I was checking in on Tim Challies’ blog where he has daily links for Amazon Kindle and occasionally Christian Audio.  So, I clicked the Christian Audio link and found a reading of The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan read by Nadia May.  Now, I’ve read The Pilgrim’s Progress a couple of times, years ago, but to listen to it read by Nadia May was a completely different experience.  She captures the characters so well and bridges the old English in a contemporary way that makes it understandable and that comes alive.

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In my pastoral ministry, I have heard people look down on people from the past with an attitude of contemporary pride that sees itself as knowledgeable and highly sophisticated.  What struck me as I listened to Bunyan’s tale was his genius.  To be able to articulate Christian truths with such visual images all connected to Christian’s journey to the Celestial City is incredibly sophisticated.  His breadth of knowledge of God’s Word and the weaving of it into his tale is a work of pure genius and has helped countless believers through the century to view their pursuit of Christlikeness in a new and fresh light.

I want to encourage you to complement your reading of God’s Word with either the reading of or the listening to, John Bunyan’s classic work, The Pilgrim’s Progress.  I listen to it as I am driving around, or when I am doing some chores while I am alone at home.  It has allowed me to see my soul afresh and has opened up insight into my general struggles in my progressive sanctification.

Here is the link to Nadia May’s reading on Christian Audio…The Pilgrim's Progress

Enjoy.  I don’t think that you will regret it!!


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