Let me introduce you to my family…

Back Row: Elia, Gavin, Rod
Middle: Deanna, Vanessa
Bottom: Adam (AJ)

This family picture is from Christmas 2013…

Elia and I just celebrated our 24th Anniversary and can’t believe all the things God has done in and through our lives during that time…especially the privilege of raising four outstanding children.  Elia is a great wife and encouragement in ministry…she is truly my best friend and I got the better end of the deal – for sure!!

Elia is the love of my life…although I think I do a really bad job of it!  She is a great cook having offered very few burnt offerings during our marriage.  She loves to scrapbook, play the piano, sing, read and has enjoyed leading the choir at church through the years.  She is truly gifted in many ways that I continue to discover.


We will be celebrating 25 years in 2014!!!

Vanessa loves to sing, play the piano and spend time goofing off with friends and anything that has to do with “Minions” from Despicable Me.  She worked as a Nanny for some considerable time, but now has two jobs: at an Investment Company as well as an After School Program.


Gavin is presently serving our country in the Military.  We are very proud of his inner conviction to pursue this career path, something that he had determined since he was a Sophomore in High School.  When not wielding weaponry that I have never come in contact with he enjoys playing sports: Basketball and Soccer (sadly he is a Chelsea fan!! – I guess you can’t win them all.)  Interestingly he also has the gift of Graffiti which we managed to allow him to develop without seeing his artwork “around town.”

IMG_1812-M copy

Deanna is a Junior in High School and is our artistic one.  She plays the piano and enjoys reading, reading, reading, reading, and spending time with her friends.  She also likes sports: Volleyball and Basketball.


Last year she was introduced to Track & Field where she quickly found out that she enjoyed the High Jump (which makes her daddy really proud as he did High Jump in High School)

She is also a developing cook churning out Brownies every other day.  She also likes to read when she has the spare time from all the other things that keep her busy…

IMG_1370 copyAdam is in the 8th Grade and loves anything to do with a ball, especially Basketball & Soccer (he mentioned Manchester United the other day in a favorable way, for which I am greatly disappointed)  He loves to be the life of the party and is always up for some fun and games.  He is eagerly and agressively learning to play the guitar.  He loves to spend time on PlayStation playing 2K13 and Fifa 2010.

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  1. robin knowles

    Dear Rod just having a look through simon ringhs facebook as I haven’t got facebook yet …for some reason….good to see you are happy in family and health…best robin knowles

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