I am thrilled that you took the time to look at this tab.  Maybe it is curiosity.  Maybe it is something inside of you that that wonders why Rod would put this on his blog…  Well, I am glad you asked as this word “Gospel” is one of the most important words in my vocabulary – if not “The” most important.

The word “Gospel” means “Good News” and you can click the picture below to hear about this Good News that has changed my life…

When you’re done I’d love to hear what you think…truly!

One thought on “Gospel

  1. Mary Blevins

    I think this site is a great idea! And it looks great too! I can see all the hard work, effort and detail in the design and personalization. Thank you for taking the time to start this site. I hope “CV Firsters” use this as a resource.

    God Bless your efforts.

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