Classic Memories of West Ham

The 2009/2010 season has been a difficult one for West Ham but they finally sealed their status to remain in the English Premiership with a win over Wigan…but one of their best games was against Hull City

Here are some classic West Ham moments…

Beating 1860 Munich 2-0 to win the Cup Winners Cup (now the UEFA Cup)

Beating Fulham 2-1 in the 1975 FA Cup Final

Beating Arsenal 1-0 in 1980 FA Cup Final

Losing to Liverpool on Penalties in the 2006 FA Cup (3-3)

Here is one classic memory of West Ham United. In May of 2006 they reached the Football Associations Cup Final and played a very exciting game against Liverpool. West Ham were definitely the underdogs but came out playing excellent soccer, taking the lead and would have won the cup had it not been for an incredible strike from Steven Gerrard. You have to give Gerrard credit, it was an excellent goal and very deserving, but a heartbreak for West Ham…

It was a sad day for West Ham, but they surprised everyone…even me.

And then there is my favorite player who never played like he should have for his country (Italy) – Paulo DiCanio – famous for his skills and passion…

Especially his goal against Wimbledon…




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