So, you might be thinking, “What’s the Yankeerev all about? Are you a New York Yankees fan? Are you one who hates the Rebel flag? What’s up with the Yankeerev thing?”

Well, why don’t you try and guess? I could give out a prize, but just trying to figure it out could be fun…


Ahah!  You are all wrong…but here is the history behind the name – Yankeerev.

Think back to the early 90’s (yes, for some of you it seems like yesterday and for others it is part of the last century and already in your history textbooks) when the internet (invented by Al Gore -Blahahahahaha – had to get that in there) was new and e-mail the latest burgeoning phenomenon.  Well, that is when I began to get reacquainted with my beloved West Ham United through web pages and digests.  Now, you may be saying to yourself, “I know what a web page is, but what in the world is a ‘digest?'”  A digest, for all you young-lings, would be like  a group or cause that you would be a part of on Facebook where you are given updates on vital news and given the opportunity to comment on the updates.  A digest functioned as a collective discussion sent out via e-mail, and the one that I joined was an official West Ham United Digest.  “O.K. Rod, that’s nice, I think I’ll go back to finishing my pie!”  Well, if you do that you’ll be missing the good stuff, so grab your pie and keep reading (btw – no pie is worth eating unless you have a good cup of joe nearby – so if you need to brew a pot then come back, please feel free).

It was while interacting with the fifty plus people on the digest that I met a man by the name of Elwin Cockett who happened to be the chaplain to the players at West Ham.  He would often give us the ‘behind the scenes’ scoop about a player or two – but  nothing that would be inappropriate.

Elwin's the guy on the left holding a John Moncur Away Jersey - Jealousy is raging in me!

Well, Elwin went by the handle “Rev” and surprisingly, so did I, which was often quite confusing.  So, after a few lighthearted misunderstandings I made the decision to distinguish myself as the ‘Rev’ that was from the other side of the pond (that’s the Atlantic, in case you are wondering) by adding the prefix ‘Yankee”.  The problem stopped quickly and my new identity was formed and chiseled into internet stone.

Sadly, but understandably, the digest is no longer and I have lost contact with Elwin – although I definitely recall him saying that he rode a mean Kawasaki through the streets of London.  So, if you happen to see a reasonably young man whizzing past you and you are tempted to roll your window down and say a few choice words, remember, it might just be Elwin…Rev. Elwin Cockett, that is.   BTW, I just found his blog at http://www.elwincockett.wordpress.com.

  • So, to settle the issue once again – I really don’t like the New York Yankees.  They are to Baseball what Manchester United is to English Football and the New England Patriots are to American Football – the teams that always win and whose followers are often and usually insecure people whose loyalties only last until a new ‘winning’ team comes along.
  • Also, let me say loud and  clear as Yankeerev, I am not distancing myself from the south in the USA.  I like my share of grits and sweet tea, and I even know what it is like to have white tube socks that have turned pink.

So, thanks for asking…and I hope that it is all clear to you  now…

4 thoughts on “Yankeerev

  1. Ben,

    It will get easier as you work with all the options before you…

    Your gift for writing far exceeds mine and I think that a blog is a great way for people to glean from your study and thoughts…

    Keep at it..

  2. Elwin Cockett

    Hi Rod!

    What a surprise is it to see my face on the website of a Baptist church in California! I’m deeply honoured.

    It’s really good to see that God is clearly blessing your ministry. It’s great, too, to see that you’re still supporting West Ham United. These are difficult times for Hammers fans, and I’m sure that some prayer from your side of the world wouldn’t do any harm.

    I’m still into motorbikes, as well as the human-powered variety, although the Kawasaki is long gone. Now, I ride a Honda Pan-European, with a Triumph Bonneville that comes out for special occasions.

    Great blog, Rod. I might borrow a few of your ideas…

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